Nappy Sacks® 200s - 1 carton of 5 packs

(5 packs of 200 bags each)
Product Information: 

For over 25 years, Nappy Sacks® has been the original and the best. With a scientifically developed film that neutralises – not just masks – odours, they are the most effective, nappy disposal bags to use at home or on the go.


What are Nappy Sacks®?
Nappy Sacks® are the original, odour-neutralising nappy disposal bags to use at home or on the go.

Where can I purchase Nappy Sacks®?
Selected major supermarkets, pharmacies and department stores.
Pack sizes vary from store to store as not all pack sizes are available across all stores.

You can now purchase Nappy Sacks® direct from us.

What are Nappy Sacks® made from & how do they work to neutralise odours?
Nappy Sacks® are made from 100% degradable poly film that has been treated with a scientifically developed fragrance to not just mask, but neutralise odours from soiled nappies and trainer pants, making them the most effective, simple and convenient method for nappy disposal.

What pack sizes do Nappy Sacks® make?
50 pack – containing 1 x grab pack of 50
200 pack – containing 2 x grab packs of 100
300 pack – containing 3 x grab packs of 100
400 pack – containing 4 x grab packs of 100

Are Nappy Sacks® bad for the environment?
No. They are made from a food-grade high density polyethylene film with a degradable additive so they break down naturally and cause no harm to the earth.

How many nappies can I fit into a Nappy Sacks® nappy bag?
They have been designed for single use, so just one nappy plus a few baby wipes will fit easily.

How do I seal Nappy Sacks® once I’ve put a dirty nappy in it?
Simply tie the handles and you’re done!

Can I re-use Nappy Sacks®?
No. They are designed for single use only.

How do I dispose of Nappy Sacks®?
Please dispose of thoughtfully in your household rubbish bin.

What is a Nappy Sacks® “grab pack”?
Our grab pack is a soft pack you remove from the box so you can easily carry Nappy Sacks® wherever you need to go with your baby.

Nappy Sacks® is a degradable product. Does this mean they have a use-by date?
Whilst they do not have an official “Use By” date, they are a degradable product that has been designed to break down naturally after a period of about 18 months. After this time, they will either become less effective in odour neutralising, or possibly begin to deteriorate causing holes in the bags.

Can I use Nappy Sacks® for anything else?
You can use them as:
• Doggy "do" bags
• Rubbish bin liners

Please DO NOT use them to carry food.

Are there any warnings I should be aware of when using Nappy Sacks® ?
• To avoid suffocation keep polythene bags away from babies, young children and pets.
• Please do not use them for any other use than disposal of nappies.
• Please do not use them to carry food.
• Please do not flush them down the toilet.