Fresh & Crisp™ customer comments

"I use Fresh & Crisp bags for my fruit and vegetables. Foods last so much longer and take less space. The latter is extra important when camping and cool space is at such a premium. We also use them to keep plant cuttings fresh, especially when on field trips. We have had success with cuttings over a week old when just in the cooler they would be lucky to last a day." - Zeta

"I think this science is as good as sliced bread, I recommend often the 3 weeks life is absolute, we did sea journey 3 weeks, it all worked out so well, good stuff" - Dianne

"I was sent these bags to try out last year and I love them. Perfect for people like me who love their veg and fruit, but often over buy (I get excited in the grocer!) and end up throwing out unused produce. This makes it so much easier to shop for the week and not run out or throw out!" - Dr Joanna McMillan via our facebook page

"My 90 year old mother has been using these bags and suggested I do the same, so she bought me my first box and I have been using them ever since."

"My partner and I run an engineering shop in a remote area of WA. With the nearest supermarket 300 kilometres away, shopping for groceries is quite a nightmare, especially obtaining fresh fruit and vegetables as everything has to come in refrigerated trucks."

"On a recent trip I stocked up on fresh fruit and veges and I was amazed at just how long I kept a lettuce in one of your marvelous little bags, over a month. The same with broccoli, carrots, celery – they are absolutely great and I extol their virtues to everyone I meet. Thanks for your marvelous product." - Janet & Gary.

"Veggies last heaps longer, a bonus now that food is so expensive!"- Fiona via our facebook page.

"I would like to congratulate you on the great fresh & crisp product. I have used them for 2 months now and they keep my vegetables fresher for longer which saves me money." - Christopher