Nappy Sacks® customer comments

"I love your nappy sacks - they're the best I've ever used and I've used them for all my 3 kids! - so I can't wait to try your other products! :)" - Gillian

"I am using the nappy sacks at the moment for my sons nappies. I get them from Woolworths. I think they are a great product and wouldnt be without them. Thank you." - Rebecca

"My children have grown up now but I never went anywhere without the nappy sacks and still to this day keep a pack in my car for those “just in case” little incidents." - Kath

"I used to use these when my daughter was little.........she is now 25! Happy to see that your product is still doing so well, it was fabulous then and obviously still is now :)" - Monica

"I have been using nappy sacks for what feels like forever (not just for nappies of course, my daughter is now 16!), I know it's a quality product and therefore I'm very interested to try your other items." - Natalie

"As a mother of 3 I have changed a lot of nappies and gone through a heap of nappy sacks! To be honest when I purchase them, I reach out straight for the nappy sacks and never even noticed any of the brands. Don't know what I would do without them!" - Natalie via our facebook page

"Without Nappy Sacks I don't know how to thank you for such a quality product. My wife and I were recommended to use your product from a family member and we swapped from the $2 shop ones and am very thankful for the quality you produce. Such a difference in quality its amazing how yours masks the smell and keeps the smell away, so Thank you." - Karlie

"I just wanted to make comment about your new packaging for the nappy bags we so frequently purchase! I love the new packaging – it's the small things that sometimes are the nicest. Wonderful to see a bright, colourful package." - Bernice

"Great products by the way, always buy babysacks for car, house and personal handbag." - Natasha

"I love the fact I can rely on Nappy Sacks so my garbage bin doesn’t smell like horrible nappies. Thanks for a great design with a favourable smell over horrible nappies. I wont use any thing else over Nappy Sacks to remove the smell." - Toni

"I love Nappy Sacks, because it makes my life that little bit easier and makes cleaning up after some of those messy times so much quicker, without the stench" - Sara

"It is convenient to use, good for the environment and big enough compared to other nappy sacks. I love it." - Saami