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Send us an email or call us! Email to [email protected] or call 1300 516 349. Please leave a message with your contact number if we are not able to answer – we will always get back to you.

ICD Online Direct Distributors:

SA – Phil Streng – Superlink (SA) – [email protected] – 0408 822 244

WA – [email protected] – 08 94561200

QLD – Superlink Sales & Merchandising QLD – [email protected] – 0417 631 449



ICD’S products are all naturally degradable.   ICD achieves this by adding a product called EPI that ensure our bags break down within about two years. ICD continues to work with our chemists and factories on production processes that further assist the environment without compromising the products purpose.

No, we are happy to supply our Material Safety Data Sheet to anyone who requests it.

FNC are available at Woolworths.  Nappy Sacks are available at Coles, Big W and Baby Bunting.  Incognito is available at Coles.

Yes.  We are an Australian owned business located in Melbourne.

ICD’s nappy sacks are stronger (who wants a full nappy sack to break on you???!!!), have the handles for ease of tying them up and our unique masking scent is a very important feature that sets us apart. 

Our Director spent many months some years ago trying to reach agreement with various Australian Companies to produce our products here.  Unfortunately, while we can make the bag per se, we cannot do the finishing that is required with Australian labour costs.    For us to bring our amazing products in, we are subject to MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) and without the support of the big supermarkets we simply do not get the volumes we need.  And, the supermarkets require a certain margin to range the product.  So, if we had made them here, which would have been amazing, we would have lost all supermarket distribution because of the price and that would ultimately have resulted in the demise of these amazing products.