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Save food and keep your salad fresh. Boom.

A smarter move for Australian families..


These days salad bags and containers can keep your food fresh for longer periods. Emerging technology has evolved the materials used in salad storage containers. With our busy lifestyle of this century, we embrace products that make our lives easier. Especially in cases when you don’t have time to go shopping and buy fresh salad every couple of days; a product like salad containers can become one of your best friends.


“Hunger never saw bad bread.”


In 2019, people on this planet are still facing scarcity of food so it’s astonishing to accept that many people are wasting their surplus. We should embrace opportunities to save our food and salad containers are a simple solution. In a world where roughly 30 percent of global production is lost or wasted annually, we encourage the use of Fresh and Crisp salad bags.

Is Fresh and Crisp a proven product?

Yes it is. We challenge you to double guess the supermarket bags with their fancy packaging. The retention rate of Fresh and Crisp customers speaks for itself. Customers that use Fresh and Crisp always become repeat customers because the product works. It’s as simple as that. Save both food and money by ordering Fresh and Crisp directly from ICD Online.

Why Fresh & Crisp?

To meet all of your requirements Fresh & Crisp have brought their specially formulated storage container bags which can be used to keep your food fresh for up to three weeks. These storage bags are available in 6 packs of 10 bags each for $14.22 only. The scientifically developed film draws out the gases that cause food to deteriorate, allowing only oxygen back in. Essentially, the bags allow the produce to “breathe”. Fresh & Crisp bags come in Small (230mm x 250mm), Medium (330mm x 315mm) and Large (400mm x 450mm). They are sold in boxes of 10 medium bags (red pack) and also in our Multi-pack (black box), which has a combination of 2 x small, 4 x medium and 2 x large bags.




“specially formulated storage container bags which can be used to keep your food fresh for up to three weeks!”

Some amazing benefits of Fresh & Crisp:

  • Your fresh fruit and vegetables can stay fresher, for longer.
  • There is less waste, so you save money.
  • You can buy your fresh produce in larger amounts and ahead of time, knowing they will last longer.
  • For its size specifications, it gives the users a different kind of experience.
  • It’s reusable for up to 3 times.
  • To ensure prolonged freshness your fresh produce needs to “breathe” but at a controlled rate which is provided by the Fresh & Crisp formula.
  • You can use them for cheese and bread and just about any other fresh produce you keep in the fridge.


Fresh & Crisp bags are made from a food-grade poly that has been combined with all-natural crushed and washed volcanic rock that creates the microscopic holes in the film which will give you the reassurance that time spent making delicious salads can be enjoyed for weeks instead of just a few days. 

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