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How to keep salad fresh

Here are a few ways to keep it crispy. 


Quick answer (and blatant plug for our product): The best way to keep salad fresh is by using Fresh & Crisp salad bags. There, we said it. And you know what? Is also happens to be true. The fact is that 9 out of 10 customers who use Fresh & Crisp once come back to purchase again. However, we respect that people like to do things differently so here we will delve into 3 different methods to keep salad fresh: 

 The rinse and repeat method

keeping salad fresh
As the title suggests this method involves the step by step rinsing of each of your salad ingredients. The first step is to cut out the core of the lettuce, and then cut off the ends of the leafy greens. Keep what remains and then soak them in water for around 10 minutes. This provides ample time for dirt to make its way from the lettuce to your bowl. After that you need to remove the dirty water and use a salad spinner or a tea towel to dry the lettuce. At this stage you are almost done, all you need to do it cut the remaining ingredients and add them to the salad (excluding the dressing!). Place everything in a bowl and then this is the super important part: you must add 3-4 paper towel layers on top of the bowl and then seal the bowl with cling wrap. This method should keep your salad fresh for around one full week. 

 The Fresh & Crisp method

Fresh & Crisp is the world’s leading salad storage solution. All you do it place your salad in these bags and your salad will stay fresh for up to three weeks. It doesn’t get much easier than this, with each bag costing less than 30 cents it is a low cost method for storing salad for extended periods of time. Note that you should avoid using dressing even with Fresh & Crisp. To confirm: This method should keep you salad fresh for around three weeks. 

 The sweet method

fruit salad example
If your salad has a lot of fresh fruit involved you will need to cut the rinds from your fruit and then rinse everything thoroughly. Next you should cover the fruit lightly with a citrus juice. Unlike our first method we recommend using an airtight lid for fruit based salads. This method should keep your salad fresh for around 3-5 days. 

“specially formulated storage container bags which can be used to keep your food fresh for up to three weeks!”

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