Fresh & Crisp Multipack (carton of 6 packs – total of 48 Fresh & Crisp bags)


(6 packs of 8 bags each)
2 x Small bags 230 x 250mm 4 x Medium bags 330 x 315mm 2 x Large bags 400 x 450mm

Fresh & Crisp are our amazing storage bags that keep your fresh produce fresher for up to three weeks. So you can buy in bulk or shop ahead knowing your money’s not going to end up in the compost heap.

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Fresh & Crisp are our amazing storage bags that keep your fresh produce fresher for up to three weeks. So you can buy in bulk or shop ahead knowing your money’s not going to end up in the compost heap. It’s a fantastic, exciting product, so naturally you have many questions about it, which we’ve answered for you below…


Full Description

How do Fresh & Crisp bags work?
The scientifically developed film draws out the gases that cause food to deteriorate, allowing only oxygen back in. Essentially, the bags allow the produce to “breathe”.

Why should I use Fresh & Crisp bags?
Three great reasons:
• Your fresh fruit and vegetables can stay fresher, for longer.
• There is less waste, so you save money
• You can buy your fresh produce in larger amounts and ahead of time, knowing they will last longer

What sizes are Fresh & Crisp bags?
Fresh & Crisp bags come in Small (230mm x 250mm), Medium (330mm x 315mm) and
Large (400mm x 450mm). They are sold in boxes of 10 medium bags (red pack) and also in our Multi-pack (black box) , which has a combination of 2 x small, 4 x medium and 2 x large bags.

Where can I purchase Fresh & Crisp bags?
Selected major supermarkets.
Pack sizes vary from store to store as not all pack sizes are available across all stores.
You can now also purchase direct from us online.

What are Fresh & Crisp bags made from?
Fresh & Crisp bags are made from a food-grade poly that has been combined with all natural crushed and washed volcanic rock that creates the microscopic holes in the film, allowing your fresh produce to breathe.

How do I use Fresh & Crisp bags?
First, make sure your fresh produce is dry and cool (at least at room temperature). Then simply place your fresh produce in the bags. Place similar items in each bag, ie. Carrots in one bag, zucchini in another,etc.

When using Fresh & Crisp the following points will assist in optimum results for your fresh produce.

• Use separate bags for individual varieties of fresh produce
• Place leafy and root vegetables, soft and hard fruits in separate bags
• Expel surplus air from the bag after adding produce and seal. Please note that due to the nature of Fresh & Crisp these bags are NOT airtight. To ensure prolonged freshness your fresh produce needs to “breathe” but at a controlled rate which is provided by the Fresh & Crisp formula.
• Do not overfill bags
• Refrigerate produce at a nominal 4oC to maximize storage life
• Store bagged produce in refrigerator allowing circulation around the bags
• Produce should be fresh and undamaged
• Tropical fruits should not be refrigerated

What can I put in Fresh & Crisp bags?
Any fruit and vegetables you would normally store in the fridge. Carrots, broccoli,……

How long should I expect my fresh produce to last in a Fresh & Crisp bag?
Up to 21 days, but this also depends on the type of produce as some produce naturally deteriorates faster than others.

Are Fresh & Crisp bags re-usable?
Yes, up to 3 times. Beyond this, the bags will become less effective, especially if moisture is allowed to build up inside them.

Can Fresh & Crisp bags be used for anything else?
Yes, you can use them for cheese and bread and just about any other fresh produce you keep in the fridge (except liquids). However, they have been designed to be most effective on fruits and vegetables.

Can I use Fresh & Crisp bags in the same way I use other storage bags, like sandwich or freezer bags?
No. Fresh & Crisp bags are only intended to store fresh fruit and vegetables in your fridge.
They are not watertight, so they should not be used for storing sandwiches or for freezing or storing liquids.

  • Danielle L

    Amazing product! I was so sick of throwing out virtually new lettuce and salad and I assumed someone thought of a solution, Googled “keep salad fresk” and found Fresh and Crisp, I’ve reordered 5 times it’s easily the best product I’ve ever used for salad storage.

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