Incognito Sanitary Bags (6 packets – total of 144 Incognito Sanitary Bags)


(6 packs of 24 bags each)
Discreet, delicately scented sanitary disposal bags. Black opaque bags in packs of 24 (2 x 12 bags) incontinence pad disposal bags. Blue opaque bags in packs of 24 (2 x 12 bags)

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So how do you dispose of your used sanitary products? It’s not cool to flush them and harm the environment. The answer? IncognitoTM bags. They’re stylish and discreet, and come in very pretty tiny purse packs so you can always have them in your handbag. Everything you’d want to know about Incognito™ is right here on this page.


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What is Incognito™?
Incognito™ are small, stylish bags to use for discreet disposal of used sanitary products. Available in packs of 24 (2 x purse packs of 12).

Where can I purchase Incognito™ bags?
Currently they are in selected major supermarkets and selected pharmacies. You can also now buy direct from us.

How do I use Incognito™ bags?
Simply take one out of the tiny purse packs, place your used pad or tampon inside and tie the handles to seal. Then place in the bin or in your handbag until you find an appropriate moment for disposal.

How do Incognito™ bags work?
They have a scientifically developed film that has been embedded with an odour-neutralising fragrance, so you can discreetly carry your used pads or tampons in your handbag until an appropriate moment for disposal.

Why should I use Incognito™ bags?
Aside from the benefits of the discreet sanitary disposal, flushing pads or tampons can cause serious plumbing issues. Flushing pads or tampons is also bad for the environment. Each year, around 22 million sanitary products end up in our water ways and have to be retrieved. Using IncognitoTM bags means you are helping to keep our water ways much cleaner.

What are Incognito™ bags made from? Are they bad for the environment?
Our stylish opaque black bags with gorgeous insignia are made from a food-grade low density polyethylene film with a degradable additive. This allows the bags to break down naturally and without harming the earth.

Can Incognito™ bags be used for anything else?
Yes. They can be used to conceal and dispose of used condoms.

Are Incognito™ bags re-usable?
No. They are designed for a single use only.

How many pads or tampons can I fit into an Incognito™ bag?
Technically, you could fit a few tampons or two pads in one Incognito™ bag, but they have really been designed for a single use to be their most effective.

How do I dispose of Incognito™?
Please dispose of thoughtfully. Do not flush IncognitoTM bags. Do not place in sanitary disposal units. Simply place in a rubbish bin.

What’s the best way to carry Incognito™?
IncognitoTM bags come in gorgeous black purse packs of 12, even thinner than a packet of pocket tissues, so you can easily carry them in your handbag. And with their totally discreet packaging, there’ll be no embarrassing moments when you open your handbag. They can be purchased in boxes of 24, with 2 x purse packs of 12 bags inside each box.

Can I put Incognito™ bags in sanitary disposal units?
No. Please do not dispose of Incognito™bags anywhere except a rubbish bin.

Can I flush Incognito™ bags with my tampons or pads inside?
No. Please do not dispose of Incognito™ bags by flushing. You will harm the environment by adding to the 22 million sanitary products that end up in our water ways each year. Plus, you might cause some major plumbing problems or blockages as well!

  • Sandra Baker

    Fabulous bags, easy to carry and vital for many people, not just menstruating women. Many people have toiletry issues that need cleaning up with wipes, and although many are flushable it is preferable to be able to put the wipes into these perfumed bags and dispose of in the trash bin. My only problem is trying to purchase them in supermarkets, Coles seem to be the only company stocking them and not in all stores. Shame.

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