A guide to preparing a nursery for your baby

Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time, and preparing the nursery is one of the most enjoyable parts of the journey. A well-prepared nursery not only ensures the comfort and safety of your baby but also provides a serene space for parents. Here are some essential tips to help expectant parents get ready:

1. Choose the Right Cot & Bedding

A cot is the centrepiece of your nursery. Ensure you select a safe, sturdy crib that meets Australian safety standards.

When you’re buying a cot for your new baby, you need to consider safety, ease of use, size, features and the option of buying second-hand. You’ll also want one that suits your style and budget.

Choose a firm, breathable mattress and ensure it fits snugly in the cot. Add some cozy, yet safe, bedding to create a comfortable sleeping environment.Try Baby Bunting for a great range of cots, bassinets and other bedding.

2. Changing Table Essentials

A well-organised changing table makes nappy changes easier and more efficient. Stock up on nappies, wipes, and creams, and keep them within reach. Don’t forget nappy disposal too! Nappy Sacks® are are great option because they will neutralise those odours, have handle ties and are strong enough to avoid splitting.

3. Storage Solutions

Maximise space with practical storage solutions. Use baskets, bins, and shelving to keep the nursery tidy and organised. Big W has a great, affordable range of options.

4. Comfortable Chair for Feeding and Bonding

A comfortable chair is essential for late-night feedings and bonding time. Look for a chair with good back support and a smooth rocking motion. We recommended the Il Tutto Rocking Chair from Baby Bunting.

5. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains help create a dark environment conducive to naps and nighttime sleep, making it easier for your baby to establish a sleep routine.

6. Baby Monitor

A reliable baby monitor helps you keep an eye on your little one from another room, giving you peace of mind.

7. Nursery Decor

Decorate the nursery with soothing colours and baby-friendly decor. Choose items that are not only adorable but also functional and safe.

8. Stock Up on Baby Supplies

Don’t forget to stock up on essentials in the baby bag like baby toiletries, clothing, and feeding supplies. Nappy Sacks® & Nappy Sacks® Change Mats are always on the top of our list!

9. Create a Safe Environment

Ensure all furniture is securely anchored to the wall to prevent tipping. Keep small objects and cords out of reach, and use outlet covers to protect little fingers.

Final Thoughts

Preparing the nursery is a wonderful way to anticipate your baby’s arrival. By ensuring the space is safe, comfortable, and well-organised, you create a nurturing environment where your baby can thrive. Happy nesting!

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