How to keep leafy greens fresher for longer

Are you looking for ways to get more leafy greens like spinach and lettuce into your diet but hate having to waste them because you can’t eat them fast enough?

Wastage in your kitchen is cringeworthy, especially for those who have an appreciation for the food on our tables. Unfortunately, leafy greens tend to come in bulk, and that means you’ll have to consume them at a fast rate if you want to avoid wastage. 

Beyond the bulk sales, there is also an additional problem that many leafy green eaters are posed with.

Given that leafy greens wilt very quickly and are highly susceptible to the environment around it, the freshness expectancy of leafy greens in the fridge tends to go no more than 4 or 5 days max. 

Plus, veggies are essential to a healthy diet. Packed with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and a lot of fibre, leafy greens are superveggies that work wonders to help you boost your immune system and overall vitality. Proven to protect against heart diseases, diabetes and other illnesses, leafy vegetables also have high water content which also helps with hydration. 

With these tips on how to keep leafy greens fresher for longer, you can now maintain a healthy diet and keep your food budget lower too. From fresh and crisp salad bags to salad containers, these storage tips will help you plan your meals out for weeks to come without having to chuck wasted leafy greens in your compost bin.


Wash them clean

The first step to the longevity process is to wash your leafy greens thoroughly.

Place the full leaves in a bowl and fill it with water. Use a vegetable soap, soda bicarbonate solution, or vinegar solution to clean the leaves. Soak the leafy greens in the bowl for a few minutes. Repeat this process if necessary, to get the dirt out and finish with a rinse of clean water.

Once cleaned and rinsed, use a salad spinner to dry the leaves as much as possible. To make sure you get most of the moisture out, use paper towels to dab the leafy greens.

It’s time for storage. 

How to store leafy greens to stay fresher for longer

A good storage strategy will help your leafy greens stay fresher for longer. 

Given that you’ve already followed the steps to ensure a thorough clean, you’ve already extended the lifespan of your leafy greens. But, there’s so much more you can do to make them last for up to three weeks.

Fresh & Crisp – ICD Online’s very own fruit and vegetable storage bags

If you want leafy greens that last for up to three weeks, you will need to use Fresh & Crisp

The scientifically developed film draws out the gases which cause food to deteriorate, prolonging the life of the the bag’s contents.

Salad containers

If you have an airtight salad container, great. Just pop in a folded paper towel to absorb the remaining moisture and close the lid.

This will help keep the leafy greens for a week or so max.

If you don’t have an airtight salad container, line the lid with a plastic sheet. Place a folded paper towel in the salad container and close it for a good seal. The salad container isn’t completely airtight, but it will do a good job to keep your leafy greens fresher for longer. 

When storing your leafy greens, it is essential that you do not mix storage with other items to avoid contamination and cross-reactions that may speed up the wilting process. 

Nevertheless, these tips will help you keep your leafy greens fresher for longer in the fridge and will help you avoid wasting. 

To a healthier, leafier diet! 

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