How to keep salad mix fresh

Keeping a salad mix fresh for days is trickier than just storing lettuce for days. With so many different types of greens, vegetables and fruit mixed in one salad bowl, things get a lot more complicated. The mix of nutrients and different properties aren’t just a healthy bonus but also acts as a culprit to salad mixes going bad faster.

Here are some tips on how to keep salad mix fresh for longer with things that you most likely already have at home!

Tip #1 – Make sure it’s dry

Removing as much moisture as possible from your greens is extremely important.

Moisture is the enemy of a crisp and crunchy salad

so you will need to run all of your leafy greens through a salad spinner.

Once you’re done with the salad spinner, prep your salad as if you’re going to eat it and place it in an airtight salad container.

Take things a step further and drape a couple of paper towels over the top to avoid moisture settling in. The trick is to leave the paper towels on top of your salad before closing the salad keeper container.

If you’re planning on taking out your salad a bit at a time, be sure to stir up the salad after and replace the paper towel once it starts to get damp. These steps will help keep the moisture at bay while helping your salad mix stay fresh for longer.

Tip #2 – Make sure it’s clean

Bacteria and germs act as culprits to salad mixes going bad quicker. To avoid your salad mixes from a sad, wilted demise, make sure all your fruit and vegetables are squeaky clean before being placed in storage.

A good way to ensure that your vegetables and fruit are clean is to use a vegetable detergent.

If you don’t have any on you, simply use some baking soda (soda bicarbonate) in a bowl filled with water to rinse out your fruit and veg.

Tip #3 – Use natural preservatives

Some salad mix additions like lemon or lime juice act as natural preservatives for your salad mix. Other citrus fruits that are acidic include pineapples and oranges, which will work great to prevent your salad mix from oxidising.

Tip #4 – Use a fresh and crisp vegetable bag to help keep salad fresh for weeks

An absolute shortcut that works wonders, fresh and crisp vegetable bags are an underrated asset in the kitchen.

Created especially for storing vegetables, fruit and salad mixes, a fresh and crisp bag is an affordable way to get the most out of your salad mixes. They’re designed to keep the moisture and air out while maintaining the freshness of your salad mix for up to three weeks.

Talk about preparing a big load of fresh salad mixes that you can consume over weeks to come. And if you’d like to step up your salad mix storage game, throw in a paper towel to soak up and sneaky water particles that got through.

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