3 Delicious Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipes for Spring

With the heat wave coming in strong right after a cold winter, there aren’t many things that beat a refreshingly delicious fresh fruit smoothie.

Fresh fruit smoothies aren’t just yummy, they’re also packed with a load of healthy ingredients your doctor will be happy about.

So without further ado, here are 3 all-time favourite fresh fruit smoothies for you to enjoy this Spring.

Let’s go Bananas!

One of the most popular fruits in Australia, bananas are a great place to start your smoothie adventure. It’s an easy recipe to work from, although you will need some practice in getting the right smoothie texture which is nice and smooth – not runny or stiff.

All you’ll need is two bananas, a spoonful of honey, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a handful of ice, and a plain flavoured yoghurt. It’s truly that simple!

Quick banana smoothie tip: if you’re looking to impress some guests with the best banana smoothie in town, you’ll want to get your bananas as ripe as possible. This brings out the sweetness of the banana while keeping it creamy. You’ll also want to store your bananas in a fresh and crisp bag in the fridge to stay fresher for longer.

The Tropical Mango Craze

If you’re feeling for a tropical spring smoothie, this recipe is perfect for you. Comprising of only three ingredients, this deliciously refreshing mango smoothie is quick and easy to make. And if you’re looking to make a more complex smoothie, you could always use this mango smoothie as a foundation to add from.

With its tangy and sweet kicks, having a nice and ripe mango will make this smoothie a big hit. The other two ingredients are yoghurt and ice added to your discretion based on the flavor and consistency you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something to cool you down even more on those hot spring days, toss in some fridge cold fresh coconut and pineapple.

To keep your fruit fresher for longer in the fridge, wash them thoroughly, cut them up into chunks for the blender followed by a good dry and storage into a fresh and crisp bag.

Watermelon Sensation

Going beyond the assumption of a single dimensional drink, you’ll be surprised to learn that this watermelon smoothie explores a different level of flavour. Building layer after layer, the intriguing tones top beautifully over the sweet watermelon.

With a dash of lime and some zest finished by some mint leaves for presentation, the real kicker is in the ginger giving your watermelon smoothie a wonderful contrast that needs to be tasted to be believed.

And if you can’t finish the entire watermelon in one shot, be sure to use fresh and crisp fruit bags to store them for a fresher and longer storage in the fridge.

With so many options of mixing flavours and fruit, your fresh fruit smoothie possibilities are endless. As a general rule of thumb, flavours that work best usually come from the same group of fruit. For example, tropical ones go well with tropical and berries do brilliantly with other berries. Now that you have some deliciously refreshing recipes at hand, we hope you enjoy the Spring smoothies!

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