Veggies you should be eating this summer

If there’s one food you can always rely on, it’s hands down vegetables. 

Vegetables are pumped with a ton of nutritional benefits that have been proven to fight illnesses, prevent cardiovascular disease, and maintain a healthy weight

With summertime happening now, it’s time to make the most of the veggies in season for both a healthier diet and a healthier food budget. 

Here is a list of veggies you should be eating that are cheap and healthy in summer. 


1. Eggplant

Also known as aubergine or brinjal, eggplants are known for their countless health benefits.

From fibre to iron and calcium, this veggie is great in helping with digestion and potentially decreasing the likelihood of osteoporosis developing.

With nutrients that help you maintain a healthy cognitive function, and antioxidants in its skin that can potentially prevent cancer, eggplants is a must have in your summer diet.

They’re as cheap as $3 for a whole bunch of them at the discount vegetable store when in season.

2. Corn

Buttered up corn on the cob, or popcorn, is hard to resist, and that’s a fact. Unbeknownst to many, corn has a ton of nutritional value with 5 grams of protein for every cup – which is all you need daily, albeit not considered to be a complete protein. 

A serving of corn has low calories and lots of water which is great for helping with weight management.

Additional benefits include controlled blood sugar levels, healthy immune systems, and many more. 


3. Green beans

Rich in folate, which is known to help mental health, green beans are great for maintaining a healthy mental condition.

Green beans have a lot of vitamins, are low in calories, and could also help combat several different ailments. 


4. Okra

Also known as lady fingers, okra may not be so common, but comes cheap during summer when in season. It’s definitely a vegetable you want to consider taking given its magnificent abilities to manage blood sugar levels.

With high fibre content known to help with insulin sensitivity, okra is proven to be a superfood with its antioxidants that help manage stress levels. Beyond helping with diabetes, okra has been could prevent kidney disease too. 

Roasted, fried, steamed, or pickled, are only some of the ways you can cook okra. As a very versatile vegetable, your imagination truly is the limit. 


5. Summer squash

With a record known for warding off heart disease, summer squash has zero fat or cholesterol which makes it the ideal vegetable to eat when in peak season. Summer squash is also loaded with magnesium which is known to prevent strokes. Additional nutrients found in summer squash can help protect your body from inflammation in your digestive system and circulatory system. 


Avoid wasting veggies! 

And to really nail your food budget, do your best to avoid wasting your veggies. You can do so by investing in Fresh & Crisp bags to help keep your produce fresh for up to three weeks in the crisper. Fresh & Crisp are great at keeping moisture and air at bay while maintaining freshness sealed within. Just be sure to wash and dry your vegetables thoroughly before placing them in a Fresh & Crisp bag.

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