5 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

We get it. Making breakfast every morning can be tiring and daunting especially when you’ve just rolled over with a terrible night’s sleep or are simply in a rush. Plus, making a healthy breakfast to top it all off often sounds like too much of an effort that would require a lot of culinary skills and an end result of a messy kitchen to clean up.

It’s time to get realistic and face the truth that a gourmet breakfast every morning isn’t likely. But, that also doesn’t mean that you should be settling for sugar rushes of sweet cereals as an excuse for something quick and easy.

Here are our favourite easy and healthy breakfast recipes that won’t break your back to make while helping you stick to your health goals.


1. Banana, chia seed toast and nutty butter

A decadent mix that is fit for kings, this superfood twist on a classic peanut butter toast with sliced bananas and sprinkled chia seeds will have you drooling for more. 

The amount of healthy stuff loaded in this breakfast dish contains a shocking amount of calcium, vitamins and minerals that will skyrocket your health goals for the day. 


2. Berry yoghurt smoothie

A simple and delicious smoothie that guaranteed a filler tummy

All you need is some frozen fruit (bananas and berries are great together) followed by Greek yoghurt and a liquid like milk, juice, etc. 

Blitz it in a blender and you could freeze your mix overnight and thaw throughout your day for a late breakfast. Alternatively, just blend the mix in the morning for a quicker fix.

3. Oatmeal and eggs

Instead of falling into the sweet oatmeal, spice things up by making it savoury. With a pinch of salt and pepper added into oatmeal mixed with milk or water, you’ll shift the flavours away from sweetness.

Follow this by topping a poached egg and some cheese for a savoury kick. 


4. Quinoa fruit salads

Add some quinoa to a fruit salad for a healthy mix followed by a dressing of lime, honey and basil for a flavourful body. 

To boost the health profile, sprout your quinoa before adding it to the mix.


5. Avocado with spinach and egg on toast

If the title doesn’t sell to you, the description definitely will. Using nature’s butter to bring out the flavour of egg and spinach on toast, this will make you drool.

Simply smash an avocado on top of two beautifully lightly toasted slices of bread followed by a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a pinch of spinach leaves. Layer two sunny side up eggs for that healthy dose of protein and you have yourself a decadent breakfast that is healthy and yummy. 


Nailing breakfast preparations

To nail your breakfast prep, it pays off to know how to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer.

From berries to bananas and avos to spinach, using fresh and crisp salad bags will help maintain the freshness of your produce for up to 3 weeks.
Simply wash your fruit and veg with a vegetable cleanser, pat them dry to remove as much moisture, prepare them as you would before eating, and pop them in Fresh & Crisp bags to store in your crisper.

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